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Irenia Mesa | Darenia Alarcon

"Female empowerment means that as women we can own our dreams and succeed at everything we put our minds to."

Welcome to Iris Eyelash Studio, where beauty meets luxury! Our founders, Irenia and Darenia , have been at the forefront of the lash extension industry for years, and their expertise and passion have been instrumental in making Iris Eyelash Studio the premier destination for those seeking the ultimate lash experience.

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I’m glad that as a lash expert & trainer I can be an inspiration for other women

In addition to providing the highest quality lash extensions, our founders are also dedicated to sharing their knowledge and expertise with aspiring lash technicians through our academy trainings. Irenia Mesa, a highly skilled lash technician with an eye for detail and a passion for customization, leads our academy with her extensive knowledge and experience in the industry. Her training program covers everything from the basics of lash application to advanced techniques for creating stunning, customized lash designs.

Darenia brings her business acumen and marketing expertise to the academy, ensuring that students are equipped with the tools and knowledge they need to build successful lash businesses. With her guidance, students learn how to create a brand, market their services, and build lasting relationships with clients. Together, our founders have created a lash academy that is unmatched in its commitment to quality, education, and luxury. Our academy trainings are designed to provide students with hands-on experience, allowing them to practice their skills on live models in a real-world setting. Upon completion of our training program, students are equipped with the knowledge, skills, and confidence they need to embark on a successful career in the lash industry.

Whether you're interested in enhancing your own beauty or pursuing a career in the industry,Iris Eyelash Studio is your ultimate destination for all things lashes. Come meet our founders today and experience the ultimate in lash luxury, education, and training

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